Los Angeles, California

BT is a non profit public benefit organization founded in 1982 for the improvement of the community without distinctions of race, gender or religion. It provides a variety of services: loans with no interest for small businesses, student scholarships, assistance to single parents, the elderly and disabled.

When BT decided to build its national headquarters in downtown L.A. we saw the need for an image that would stress its fundamental differences with other corporations. The concept behind this image is that the COMPANY (and by extension the building) is to the community what a FAMILY (and by extension the house) is to an individual in terms of: protection, promotion, education, care.

Therefore, the design was organized around the idea of contrast of perception between:
a “BIG HOUSE” one story high during the day and
a “SMALL BUILDING” seven story high at nighttime.

The image that has been chosen is the archetypal home that lives in the collective sub conscience of western culture. Its methaporical elements have been codified as follows:

“RED ROOF” : mechanical equipment
“MASONRY WALLS” : curtain wall in a reflective 2 tone glass
“THE DOOR” : a 5 story set of clear glass public entrance
“THE CAT DOOR” : rear staff entrance at first floor
“THE WINDOW” : a 2 story set of clear glass windows
“THE DOVECOT” : restroom vents at sixth floor
This ambiguity turns the building into a dynamic element of the urban skyline, coherent with the role of BT as an active component of society.