Downtown San Jose, California

The design is based on the STAR of the American Flag to create a strong sense of national identification.

The star gives birth to a FLOWER with petals evolving through different phases. In this way the design captures a process rather than a finished form becoming more a dynamic celebration of life than a static monument to the dead.

Grass covers the exterior of the petals symbolizing the outer SKIN, the interface with the outer world, the realm of reality: a soft surface where the visitors can informally relax and meditate.

Granite covers the interior of the petals symbolizing the FLESH underneath, the interface with the inner self, the realm of mysticism: a hard surface appropriate for formal ceremonies.

The granite walls will be engraved with the names of veterans and events holding special meaning to them.

Like the pistil that originates a flower, the flag at its center gives meaning to our NATION.