Los Angeles, California

Our proposal differentiates

The picture (a landscaping project with gardens, lake/theatre, greenhouse) from the picture frame (an architectural project with all the programmatic requirements: restaurant, cafe, administration, exhibit hall, security office, kiosks, bus stops).This frame is a three dimensional megastructure/ galleria superimposed over the parking ramps on the four sides of the square.

Inside this frame a park is developed consisting mainly of:
a public space that acknowledges the civilized façade of the Biltmore Hotel and an intimate one densely landscaped to hide the soulless buildings on Hill Street.

A third connecting element becomes the heart of the composition:

the “ziggurat”, a helicoidal multifunctional structure that is many things at once: open greenhouse, ascending promenade, skateboarding ramp, watchtower, fountain of water, light and sound. Built of transparent metal grate and wire mesh, it becomes a giant piece of topiary, an ecological sculpture, a non symmetrical monument to Nature that offers different views to each of the six entrances to the park.

In an ironical reverse twist of the way that the four adjacent streets eroded the square in the past, now a pedestrian friendly brick paving invades the surrounding streets so as to enlarge the space during weekend closures to accommodate fairs, farmers markets and sport events.