UTU (Uruguay Technical University) CARPENTRY WORKSHOP
Treinta y Tres City, Uruguay

This project is an addition to an existing School of Arts & Crafts in the outskirts of a small town, built with a tight budget.

The program called for a large space that could be subdivided in four smaller carpentry classrooms each one autonomous in terms of access, light, ventilation and storage.

The exterior has been treated in a three dimensional way, taking advantage of the volumetric qualities of the colonnade, clerestories and brick closets. It is primarily a composition of light and shadows.

The interior has a two dimensional treatment: all the materials are in the same plane. The emphasis here is in colors and textures.

With no budget for applied decoration, the esthetics of the building depend entirely on the honest expression of the most inexpensive materials available in the region: concrete, bricks, corrugated cement sheets and steel windows and doors.

As a passive solar structure, the most distinctive features of the project are a response to the site, orientation and climate:
Clerestory windows to catch light and sun, only source of heating in winter,
Ribbon windows to provide cross ventilation and easy dust removal,
Masonry walls to block the E and W sun in summer and store the heat in winter.